2019 Officers

Diana Jones

Karen O’Callaghan 

Kathleen Kaspar-Paty  703-698-8052

Dolores Hallinger-Hyser

Monticello Council of Republican Women


An Issues Oriented Club

Founded in 
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Donald Trump
Mike Pence

Working to Assure Republican Victories 
L-R: Eleanor Schwarze, Grail Harte, Gwen Cody      Anne Keast, and Evelyn Schwarze
Swearing-In MCRW 2019 Officers

VFRW Legislative Day 2018
(L - R) Diana Jones, Vice President;  Sarah March, Treasurer;  Millie March; Therese Antonio; ; Juanita Balenger , MCRW President
(L-R) President: Diana Jones; Vice-President: Karen O'Callaghan; Secretary: Kathleen Kaspar-Paty; 
                               Treasurer: Dee Hallinger-Hyser; VFRW First Vice-President Paula Steiner
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President's Message

We had a wonderful Holiday Luncheon  and I want to thank Juanita Balenger, past President,  for making all of the arrangements. She did a wonderful job, and for those that were not able to attend, you missed a great event. Thank you Juanita!

I also want to thank the club members for electing me as MCRW President. It means a lot that you have placed your faith in me, and I look forward to getting to know each of you even more.  

I would like to recognize (and thank) Juanita for the exceptional job she did as President of the club the past two years. As I said at the luncheon, Juanita has the leadership and organization skills that many of us aspire to have. It was a pleasure working with her the past two years, and I look forward to her continued support during the next year.  
​                                                                                Diana Jones
MCRW members enjoyed their Christmas party held at Houlihan's in Springfield, VA in December.

They were fortunate to have VFRW First Vice-President, Paula Steiner, present to swear-in the club's 2019 officers.

The new officers are looking forward to working with all current members and encourage Republican women to join our club, one of the oldest and most active in Fairfax County.
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello