2018 Officers
Juanita Balenger

Diana Jones

Dolores Hallinger-Hyser

Sarah March

Monticello Council of Republican Women


An Issues Oriented Club

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Juanita Balenger
MCRW President

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NFRW Silver Award

At the MCRW October meeting, Jo Watts, the 11th District VFRW Representative, presented the NFRW Silver award to our club. The award is an acknowledgement of the achievements of the members of our club for the past year. .

Juanita Balenger (L) and Jo Watts (R)
Working to Assure Republican Victories in November
Our MCRW October meeting was dedicated to "hands on" work -  stuffing and stamping  envelopes, discussing  -  phone calls made for candidates, other volunteer activities, and the need to "Get Out the Vote."

Club members also enjoyed spectacular donuts and coffee for breakfast, and hero sandwiches, veggie and salad plates and soft drinks for lunch.

Yes, it was a long day, but much was accomplished.

Thank you to all who volunteered almost a whole Saturday to benefit our Virginia Republican candidates.

(Photo is of just a few of the women who volunteered.)
L-R: Eleanor Schwarze, Grail Harte, Gwen Cody      Anne Keast, and Evelyn Schwarze
(L - R) Frank Marsh, substituting for Sarah Marsh, Treasurer;  Dolores Hallinger-Hyser, Secretary; Diana Jones, Vice President; Juanita Balenger , MCRW President; Carrie Almond, NFRW President
MCRW was very fortunate that  NFRW President, Carrie Almond, attended our Christmas Party. She  installied our 2018 Officers.

Swearing-In of MCRW 2018 Officers